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Top 5 Common Cause behind Data Lose
Data loss is the worst thing can happen to anyone. All your valuable files and important data can disappear within ... ...

Top 5 Common Cause behind Data Lose

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Posted on: 01/11/19

Data loss is the worst thing can happen to anyone. All your valuable files and important data can disappear within a blink of an eye. Most of the time data loss occurs by mistake, but we can get it back with some simple methods. However, sometimes it canít be recovered, and the process of recovering becomes very complicated. If you are not tech-savvy, you should consider some professional data recovery software such as OST Recovery Software. So, to get aware users regarding data-loss, here are the top 5 causes of Data Loss are described along with measures to avoid losing data.

Below are the top 5 causes of data loss:

Accidental Deletion:

The main risk of losing data is deleting it without having any backup. Updating files or deleting is very common activities and we perform it almost every day. No wonder if we unintentionally delete wrong files or overwrite the parts we did not intend, the crucial data can disappear.

Viruses and damaging malware:

There are several viruses which attack computers on daily basis. Being connected to worldwide network has numerous advantages; however, it opens computers to many severe risks. Damages may differ in nature but in majority cases, virus disturbs operational software, affects Internet connection and damages stored data. These viruses and malware often lead to loss of data and could be troublesome for the operating system.

Human Errors

Human mistakes are one of the most common causes of data loss. Usually, there are two types of human errors causing data loss, one is clicking delete or format button accidentally and causes data doss and another reason behind data loss is physical damage of device

Power Failure

Indisputably, an unexpected power failure is a wicked thing for your computer and the data-stored. Sometimes users take it lightly, but in reality, it can cause great risk to your computer and hamper your data. Whenever a computer turns off abruptly due to unforeseen power failure, it may cause severe damage. Moreover, operating systems are very multifaceted and thus, you should follow the proper shutdown process in order to protect your device and data. An unexpected power failure can assuredly interrupt these processes and lead to data-loss situations.

Software Corruption

Almost everyone has faced the software error, especially when we are creating an important document or editing a picture of heavy load. Such situations are known as Software Corruption, which is mostly caused by using some diagnostic tools or some heavy application that consumes too much memory. You can prevent it by following some security procedures and use diagnostic utilities with caution.

Solution to Data Loss for Outlook Users:

Outlook is the world most prominent email client and widely popular among users. If you are an Outlook user and facing data loss issue, itís become easy to recover all your data. As Outlook comes with in-built OST and PST file features, which save all important data of users in a folder. However, Outlook OST file is also vulnerable to the technical glitches and can become inaccessible. In order to save users data and OST files of Outlook users, Recovee software is available with high-tech features. It offers two tools for the data recovery process, OST Recovery tool and Outlook PST repair tool. You can download it from the website and use its demo or trial version.


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